Pray With Us

Love In the Name of Christ values the power of prayer! Our Loving Help participants are currently requesting the following prayers:

Please pray for my brother, who is 18, to get his faith back.
Thank you Lord for all of the healing that has taken place in my body and for my great family.  Thank you Lord for your love and guidance.
Please pray for my daughter and her struggles in high school and with her father.  Also pray for my daughter for college finals and passing her vet tech tests to get into the program.  Please also pray for me for healing and help to find a new job.
Pray that my brother stays strong as he struggles with alcohol addiction in recovery.
Please pray for my father who is dealing with addiction.
Please pray for my wife who had surgery two weeks ago, pray for patience so she can heal to full strength.
Thank you, Lord for Love INC, we greatly appreciate them!
Please pray for my eye, it has an infection that is not getting better.
Praise God for Love INC's willingness to serve people in a care facility.
Please pray that the care facility sees a way to allow residents to benefit from the love that is being offered.
Praise God that a dear friend is doing well and that he has found God!  Thank you that I was able to get help with my car issues.
Please pray that the other issues with my car are not bad or expensive.
Thank you, God, that my four sons are healthy!  Also, thank you that I am done with school and graduating!
Please pray that my job at the bakery works out, if it is supposed to workout.