Loving Help Program

This powerfully effective Bible-based, weekly program is designed to help people with a wide range of personal growth opportunities.  Individuals have the opportunity to learn the basics of budgeting as well as other critical life skills.  The Loving Help Program provides a wide range of classes and offers personal mentoring with a Christian volunteer. 

The Loving Help Program consists of volunteers from many churches working together to transform lives.  The classes are held at Bethel Reformed Church in Sheldon on Thursday evenings.

Classes offered include

The Financial Toolkit Workshop offers a wide-range of information, designed to equip people with the tools needed for financial freedom.  Topics covered include:  achieving financial goals, stewardship, freedom from debt, savings and investments, taxes and insurance, credit scores, and much more.

Our Successful Living Class is designed to increase people’s confidence and ability to effectively navigate through life’s many challenges.  Topics covered include:  stress management, life values, anger management, increasing hope, time management, setting healthy boundaries, and more.

Our Positive Parenting Class encourages the growth of strong, caring families through increasing skills and knowledge on being supportive and loving parents.  Topics covered include:  discipline, defining healthy boundaries, dealing with challenging behavior, developing respect, teaching responsibility, and more.

Learn to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals for your family.  Each week, participants will take home a prepared meal to enjoy.

Reciprocal Language Partnership (RLP) pairs native Spanish speakers seeking to learn English with native English speakers seeking to lean Spanish.  RLP partners complete class activities by teaching their partner in their native language.  All lessons are designed to create cultural understanding while increasing language proficiency.

Every 10 weeks, Love In the Name of Christ offers a study on a specific book of the Bible and a study that gives an overview of the main points of the Bible.  Our studies are designed to accommodate both church goers and non-church goers as well as new or long-time Christians.