Pray With Us

Love In the Name of Christ values the power of prayer! Our Loving Help participants are currently requesting the following prayers:

I am thankful for my family and their continuous love and support.
Pray for me to be more grateful and closer to you Lord.

Pray for my mom, she is having surgery on her left eye.

Keep the prayers coming. I really want to be a family again.

Praise for my son who is really starting to say big words.
Pray for safety, wisdom, guidance, support, and help in general.

Pray for my grandmother's health and that my baby's birth goes well.

Pray for my husband's health, he is scheduled for surgery, may everything go well.

Pray for my father as he goes for a biopsy of a mass on his lung.

Pray for patience and guidance in difficult decisions.

Pray for my brother, guide him in the right direction and show him your love.

Praises that I have been able to slow down my spending and get out the impulsive mindset I was in.

Pray for a friend to find peace, that his anxiety will lessen, for a clear path as to what is best for him and his kids, and that he will trust that God is with him.