Pray With Us

Love In the Name of Christ values the power of prayer! Our Loving Help participants are currently requesting the following prayers: 

Pray for peace in this world and for all who are struggling through war and violence.

Pray for healing for those who have had surgery and for those who are sick with Covid and for those who have cancer.

Praises for a good daycare and a watchful eye.
Pray for my children’s overall well being through routine, adjustments, and transitions.

Praises: For God, for hope, for staff and teacher at Loving Help, and for doctors.

Pray for me and my mental health as I am starting a new medication. Help the doctors find the right mix and for my peace of mind. Also that I can go to Florida to see my spiritual mother.

Pray for my mom who has been sick.

Thank you, Lord, for my significant other and me making things work.
Pray that his family will change their hearts toward me and my children.

Pray for my nephew’s ex as she has been charged with child abuse.
Pray for forgiveness from family for whatever happened.

Thank you, Lord, that a friend’s cancer hasn’t spread to his heart and brain. Pray for him for healing and strength to endure.

Thank you for my job and that is going well.

Keep my sister in your prayers as she is having a difficult time with her husband and not feeling well. Also pray for my niece who is having eye surgery on one eye soon and the other eye in March.

Praises that my son’s temperament has been level! Thank you all so much for your love and prayers.
Pray for my son to make and have a heart for good choices.

Pray that I through this week. It’s been one year since my husband passed away.

Pray for my friend’s family as their daughter is in the hospital and is not doing good.

Pray for the chaos in the world to be less.